Programs & Initiatives

Through major initiatives, the Foundation is developing Africa’s next generation of leaders, increasing access to quality education, relevant skills training, and financial services.

  • Scaling Access to Financial Services

    Scaling Access to Financial Services projects develop new products and alternative ways to deliver services to reach those who previously had limited or no access to financial services.

  • Hanga Ahazaza

    Hanga Ahazaza focuses on increasing employment for young people and expanding the tourism and hospitality sector in Rwanda.

  • Innovations in Secondary Education

    Innovations in Secondary Education seeks to encourage innovation to improve access to secondary education for disadvantaged young people, strengthen the quality of teaching, and ensure secondary education provides youth with employable skills.

  • Leaders in Teaching

    Leaders in Teaching develops passionate, competent teachers and prepares them to deliver high-quality secondary education so that young people have the skills and competencies they need to succeed in work and in life.

  • Learning Partnership with Indigenous Youth

    The Learning Partnership with Indigenous Youth initiative aims to increase the enrollment and completion rates for Indigenous learners in postsecondary education through listening, collaboration, and meaningful engagement with Indigenous communities.

  • Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

    Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program is developing Africa’s next generation of leaders by enabling students — whose talent and promise exceed their financial resources — to complete their education.

  • Next Generation Financial Services

    The Next Generation Financial Services initiative works with financial technology companies as well as traditional financial service providers to expand digital financial services in Africa.

  • Rural and Agricultural Finance

    Rural and Agricultural Finance projects pilot and scale-up new models of financing that benefit smallholder clients and financial service providers.

  • Youth Employability and Entrepreneurship

    Youth Employability and Entrepreneurship initiatives equip young women and men with the skills and knowledge they need to access jobs or grow businesses, access financial services, and expand the economic opportunities that are available to them.