• War Child Canada

    Project: Quality Secondary Education for Refugee Youth

    Grant Amount: $1.8 million

    Country: Uganda, Kenya

    Develop and deliver a lower secondary Accelerated Learning Program curriculum in Uganda and provide certified blended teacher training for unqualified refugee secondary school teachers in Kenya.

  • Stichting Edukans

    Project: STAR School Model for Community Day Secondary Schools in Malawi

    Grant Amount: $1.0 million

    Country: Malawi

    Improve the quality of education at the Malawian Community Day Secondary School.

  • Schools and Teachers Innovating for Results (STIR)

    Project: Building a Secondary Teacher Changemaker Movement to Address Uganda’s Learning Crisis

    Grant Amount: $4.9 million

    Country: Uganda

    Improve student learning by implementing classroom innovations developed by 6,000 teachers and reaching 200,000 students in Uganda.

    Increase teacher knowledge, motivation, and capacity.

  • Global e-Schools and Communities Initiative

    Project: African Digital Schools Initiative (ADSI)

    Grant Amount: $7.6 million

    Country: Kenya, Tanzania, Côte d’Ivoire

    Improve student learning outcomes in science, math, and English subjects in secondary schools located in under-resourced regions of Kenya, Tanzania, and Côte d’Ivoire.

    Increase capacity of 1,200 secondary school teachers to use computers and internet resources to improve science, math, and English subject instruction and student-centred teaching methods.

  • Firelight Foundation

    Project: Improving Malawian Secondary School Access and Completion through Innovation

    Grant Amount: $1.0 million

    Country: Malawi

    Increase secondary school retention and pass rates for 9,250 youth in 37 schools across four districts by introducing new and innovative models to address retention challenges and academic success in secondary education.

  • Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC)

    Project: Youth Work-Readiness Project (APTE)

    Grant Amount: $15.1 million

    Country: Senegal

    Develop and implement transferable skills programming in lower secondary schools by training 1,575 teachers and rolling out the Work-Readiness Now! curriculum in 200 schools. The project will reach 30,000 young people.

    Reorient Senegal’s TVET system toward market-driven skills by integrating the Work-Readiness Now! curriculum and providing school-to-work transition support in 50 TVETs.

    Build the capacity of local partners to offer and support employability and transitions programs. Document evidence of impact and generate lessons for stakeholders for the scale-up of employability skills across the country.

  • Creative Centre for Community Mobilization (CRECCOM)

    Project: Improving Educational Quality in Community Day Secondary Schools in Malawi (IEQ-CDSS)

    Grant Amount: $0.8 million

    Country: Malawi

    Improve Malawian Community Day Secondary School by developing school leadership, teaching effectiveness, and employability and life skills.

    A multi-stakeholder working group will collaborate with policymakers.

  • Aflatoun

    Project: Second Chance Education for Young Mothers

    Grant Amount: $1.0 million

    Country: Tanzania

    Work with Tanzanian Folk Development Colleges to provide accredited secondary education for out-of-school young mothers to support their transition to higher education and life after school.