Project: Microlead II

    Grant Amount: $23.5 million

    Country: Cameroon, Liberia, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Benin

    Build new institutions in six countries to increase access to financial services for 450,000 people, with an emphasis on savings.


    Project: Mobile Money for the Poor (MM4P)

    Grant Amount: $24.9 million

    Country: Zambia, Senegal, Benin

    Expand mobile and other channels to provide financial services to low-income clients in three Least Developed Countries, including Benin, Senegal, and Zambia.

  • Rockefeller Philanthropy Associates

    Project: Digital Frontiers Institute (DFI)

    Grant Amount: $1.2 million

    Country: Pan-African

    Support the establishment of the Digital Frontiers Institute (DFI), which will provide online training to address the current capacity gap in digital financial services in order to accelerate the growth of digital finance in Africa.

  • Mercy Corps

    Project: AgriFin Accelerate

    Grant Amount: $24.7 million

    Country: Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania

    Expand access to finance for one million smallholder farmers through mobile channels.

    Facilitate partnerships between providers of mobile financial services and agricultural services in Kenya, Tanzania, and Zambia.

  • GSMA

    Project: Mobile Money for the Unbanked (MMU) III

    Grant Amount: $3.3 million

    Country: Pan-African

    Promote best practices to enable mobile money operators to meet the needs of the unbanked in Africa.

    Overcome specific barriers inhibiting client uptake and usage of mobile money services.

  • CGAP

    Project: Technology Program and Client Research

    Grant Amount: $11.4 million

    Country: Pan-African, Global

    Expand branchless banking in West Africa to reach one million clients.

    Develop new branchless banking products to reach 500,000 clients.

    Generate client insights to foster more effective products that meet the needs of the poor.


    Project: Gateway Academy

    Grant Amount: $9.9 million

    Country: Pan-African

    Develop an e-learning platform and partner with leading content providers.

    Provide financial inclusion professionals with access to high-quality, cost-effective training.


    Project: Client Centricity and Technology

    Grant Amount: $5.8 million

    Country: Pan-African

    Increase the number of African financial service providers that have client-centric practices that effectively leverage technology.

    Replicate proven technology solutions that improve the usage of services in Africa.

    Strengthen regulator capacity to promote and supervise responsible financial inclusion.

  • Caribou Digital

    Project: Learning Partner: Next-Generation Financial Services

    Grant Amount: $8.5 million

    Country: Pan-African

    Develop evidence and measure progress across digital and technology-related financial inclusion projects through partnership with Next-Generation Financial Services (NGFS).

  • BFA

    Project: Financial Inclusion on Business Runways (FIBR)

    Grant Amount: $8.7 million

    Country: Tanzania, Ghana

    Demonstrate that small businesses can effectively offer financial services that advance access to and regular usage of financial services by 5,000 people living in poverty in Africa.

  • ACCION International

    Project: Smart Campaign III

    Grant Amount: $4.4 million

    Country: Pan-African

    Improve client protection in the microfinance industry, and help to de-emphasize certification and promote the local recognition of Client Protection Principles with a broader financial inclusion lens.


    Project: VentureLabs: Knowledge and Advisory for Early Stage Innovators

    Grant Amount: $3.7 million

    Country: Pan-African

    Identify and support the expansion of nine existing fintech companies in Africa and create at least two new companies in frontier markets like Nigeria and Ghana through the Accion Venture Lab.

    Provide companies with technical assistance and ongoing financial and management support.

  • Access to Finance Rwanda

    Project: Expanding Agricultural Finance in Rwanda

    Grant Amount: $11.5 million

    Country: Rwanda

    Increase access to and usage of financial services for 352,500 agricultural entrepreneurs.

    Test innovative digital and agent banking channels that can facilitate low-cost distribution of financial services nationally.