Mastercard Foundation Alumni Network FAQs

Is this Alumni Network open to anyone and not just those from Mastercard Foundation Programs/Networks? 

This network is open to young people who are currently part of or are Alumni of all Mastercard Foundation Partners and leadership networks including; Young African Leadership Initiative, Ashoka,  Anzisha, Zambezi, Youth Think Tank, Skoll, Scholars Program. This is a new and exciting initiative for us, in which young people from various leadership programs are brought together in one Alumni Network. To ensure we are building the networks the right way, we are starting slowly, with leadership committees in six chapters; Ghana, Kenya, North America, Rwanda, Senegal, and Uganda, then expanding more broadly to other countries of strategic focus for the Foundation. We have country committees that operate to run activities of their Chapters. You are eligible to apply to be part of the Network Committee if you are a current Alumnus or will have completed your program by the start of the committee (April 2023). Committee members must reside in their chapter’s country. 

What does it take for Alumni in a country to form an Alumni Network Chapter? 

The current network consists of 6 chapters- Kenya, North America, Rwanda, Ghana, Uganda, and Senegal. The current chapters have country offices and Mastercard Foundation staff on the ground to facilitate the creation of and compliance with respective host country agreements, as networks take a lot of support to get off the ground. The expansion plan aims to include the other countries where the Foundation is implementing its Young Africa Works strategy connecting Alumni to each other, resources, opportunities, and mentors. We look forward to chapters being able to be started and created by Alumni in their countries with support from Mastercard Foundation. 

Is there an age restriction on who can apply to be on the committee? 

All applicants should be between 18-35 years old. 

Will the Alumni Network be expanded to countries and regions outside of Ghana, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, North America and Senegal? 

To ensure we are building good practice, we started slowly with Alumni Network committees in three countries – Ghana, Rwanda, and Uganda. We have expanded to Kenya, North America, and Senegal and will continue in other countries of strategic focus for the Foundation. In choosing the countries and regions of expansion, we looked at where the largest numbers of Mastercard Foundation Alumni reside. Then, we chose to start in countries in which the Foundation has country offices and staff. We hope to launch in other countries, including the Global network that will connect all the chapters, so please keep your eye out! 

How will this Alumni Network relate to the existing Baobab platform, which is intended to connect Mastercard Foundation Alumni together? 

The Baobab platform will be a key tool for the development of the Alumni Network. The Alumni Network can use to organize, meet, and connect with other young people within your country but also globally. Over the last few years, we have learned and heard from young people about different functionality they would like to see incorporated in the Baobab platform, such as chat features, a job board, and online courses, but these Alumni Networks are intended to enhance the existing community that is built through the Baobab platform. 

Can Alumni from countries that do not have a country network still participate in current Alumni Network Chapters?  

Yes, until chapters are up and running in more countries, we encourage Alumni to join virtual activities of whichever current national chapter they are close to physically or by interest. All current chapters are aware of the interest of Alumni beyond their borders and are excited to welcome them to their events.  

Do members join a specific chapter based on their current country of residence or the country where the Foundation’s Program they were part of i.e., Scholar who studied in North America but is currently located in Ghana.  

Yes, based on where you are since activities are organized around specific time zones, events, and the interests of youth in the country.   

Will the committee members be remunerated? 

Incorporating feedback from youth in the Foundation network, it has been decided that committee roles will be voluntary but supported by a stipend, professional development opportunities, and assistance with community give-back projects. Any out-of-pocket expenses of participating in the committee will of course, be reimbursed. 

How many roles are available on the committee, and what are they specifically? 

The committee will be made up of around 7 individuals. We have chosen 7 as the optimum number so that decisions can be made easily by vote and a range of perspectives can be represented. It is important to us that there are equal numbers of men and women on the committee, too. 

Will there be a membership fee to participate in the Mastercard Foundation Alumni Network? 

No, you will not need to pay any fees to be a part of the network. 


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