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Scholars at the Baobab Summit 2022

“Through a network of extraordinary partners, the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program is enabling thousands of bright and deserving young people to access quality education and develop as leaders who give back to their communities and help to improve the lives of others. Mastercard Foundation Scholars and Alumni are leaders and innovators; activists and entrepreneurs; tackling everything from climate change to health inequity. Their collective impact will be felt for generations to come.”

– Reeta Roy, President and CEO of the Mastercard Foundation

The Baobab Summit brings together Mastercard Foundation Scholars every year to equip them with the skills they need to drive change. This year, the Scholars Program marks its decennial with the Summit to celebrate the efforts of our diverse and dynamic partner network, brilliant and resilient Scholars, and the elements that have contributed to the evolution of this one-of-a-kind Program in Africa.

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Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program Overview

Press Release

Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program Celebrates a Decade of Developing Young Leaders

A Decade of Impact

Today, 18,544 young people have graduated from the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program. They have gone on to pursue careers in a range of fields: they are artists, environmentalists, lawyers, politicians, doctors and nurses, etc. They have not only changed their own lives and trajectories, but they are problem-solving to change the lives of others. Here’s a decade of impact by the numbers.


Scholars and Alumni Impact Stories

Agriculture in Africa: How Mastercard Foundation Scholars are Helping to Grow the Continent’s Productivity

Themes: Agriculture, Food Security and Giveback

Schools: CAMFED, EARTH University, Arizona State University, The University of Edinburgh

Countries: Kenya, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda

Read more about agriculture in Africa

Building Africa’s Largest Social Commerce Platform, Mastercard Foundation Alumnus, Primerose Katena, Shares Her Journey

Themes: Entrepreneurship, Technology and e-Commerce

Schools: Ashesi University

Countries: Ghana and Zimbabwe

Read more about building Africa's Social Commerce Platform

Fighting for Girls’ Education in Africa

Themes: Girl Education and Social Entrepreneurship

Schools: ALA

Countries: Mali

Read more about girl's education in Africa

First Mastercard Foundation Scholar Earns Rhodes Scholarship

Themes: Transitions

Schools: Arizona State University (ASU)

Countries: Zimbabwe

Read more about the Rhodes Scholarship

Shaping Young Leaders Living with Disabilities

Themes: Disability and Inclusion

Schools: University of California, Berkeley

Countries: Zimbabwe

Read more about young leaders with disabilities

Helping Girls Stay in School All Month Long

Themes: Menstrual Hygiene and Women Empowerment

Schools: Makerere University

Countries: Uganda

Read more about helping girls stay in school all month

One Scholar’s Determination to Give Her Community the Role Models They Deserve

Themes: Mentorship and Giveback

Schools: University of Pretoria

Countries: Swaziland

Read more about one scholars determination

Little Dreamers Foundation Unlocks Potential for Girls’ Education in Zimbabwe

Themes: Girl child Education

Schools: Arizona State University

Countries: Zimbabwe

Read more about the Little Dreamers Foundation

Dash for Girls to End Teenage Pregnancy

Themes: Girl Child Education and Women Empowerment

Schools: Makerere University

Countries: Uganda

Read more about ending teenage pregnancy

Growing Developer Communities in Africa

Themes: Technology & Giveback

Schools: Ashesi University

Countries: Ghana

Read more about growing developer communities

Mastercard Foundation Scholars Alumni on a Mission to Tell the Stories of MSMEs in Kenya

Themes: Technology and Enterprenuership

Schools: University of Toronto

Countries: Kenya

Read more about mission to tell stories of MSMEs

Scholars Helping Syrian Refugee Students in Lebanon Gain Education Through a Mobile App

Themes: Technology, Education, Social Entrepreneurship

Schools: American University of Beirut

Countries: Syria

Read more about helping refugee students with a mobile app

How Mastercard Foundation Scholars are Giving Back Amid COVID-19

Themes: Volunteering and COVID-19

Schools: University of Rwanda

Countries: Rwanda

Read more about how scholars are giving back amid COVID-19

How Mastercard Foundation Scholars are Giving Back Amid COVID-19 - The Hope Campaign

Themes: Giveback

Schools: Carnegie Mellon University Africa

Countries: Nigeria and the Gambia

Read more about The Hope Campaign

Using Street Art to Drive Social Change

Themes: Arts, Street Activism

Schools: African Leadership Academy

Countries: Tanzania

Read more about street art for social change

Docu-Series: Ripples of Impact

Mastercard Foundation Scholars are giving back to their communities and exercising leadership and agency across the African continent. Ripples of Impact is an inspiring 12-part docuseries showing how Scholars are using their knowledge, resources, and lived experiences to solve challenges, fill gaps, and drive meaningful change in their communities.  

As the largest education and leadership initiative of its kind, the Scholars Program is enabling the next generation of ethical African leaders today. Transformative leadership and giveback underpin the Program. Scholars, young men, and women committed to bettering their communities gain opportunities to grow and develop, model, and enhance their leadership skills both through their institution and on platforms like Baobab and competitions like the Social Venture Challenge.  Below are four of their stories.  

Faith Kipkemboi

Shamsuddeen Ibrahim

Dr. Joanna Gunab

Prince Baffour Agyei

Quotes from Partners, Scholars & Alumni

“My hope for the Scholars Program is that by 2030 we have hundreds and hundreds of leader-driven networks throughout Africa that are transforming everything.”

– Professor Michael Crow, President of Arizona State University

“The Mastercard Foundation set up this Program that really put everybody on a level playing field, and completely changed the game for those students that (so needed) support. It was very clear to the Mastercard Foundation, that the students—the young people—were the North Star.”

– Patrick Awuah, President and Founder of Ashesi University

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Head of Program Communications – Human Capital Development

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Head of Corporate Communications

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