Because I Am the Woman

International Women's Day 2018

In celebration of International Women’s Day and the African Women’s Leadership Conference at Wellesley College, Scholars explain how gender has shaped their leadership journeys. The following is a creative writing piece by Yamikani Ng’ona, a Scholar in the Program at EARTH University. She is currently pursuing her studies in Agricultural Engineering.

My confession:

I once was asked which of the ever existing women I admire,
No name of a woman came in my thought
But a group of all the women who came out of their comfort zones
And realized they had more to give to the world than to be oppressed and undermined
Just because of their gender, that is, being a woman.

I am talking about the mother,
Who wakes up every morning and regardless of what the community expects of her
She gives in every strength and might that she has for her happiness and of those around her.

I think of a girl child,
Who regardless of her family misjudgment about her ability to succeed,
She strives and aim till she achieves it.

I think of every woman, who has been sexually abused
Made to feel like she is useless, disgusted by the memories and just worthless,
Above all, made to feel as if it was her fault she was abused.
But after all that, she stands and faces her fears voices out to the world,
And uses the story of shame to give light in her life and of the people around.

The stories of all these women make me have no limitations of my capabilities,
Makes me have faith where there is no hope,
Makes me see love where there are disputes.
They make me feel disgusted where there is hatred,
For that, I told myself to never stay and watch just because I’m a woman.
I am the light that my community needs,
I am the soft wind that will blow towards their direction,
And all will have no choice, but feel the warmness that comes with it.
I am the seed that will fall on their land and happiness will grow for all.
All because I am the woman.