Hanga Ahazaza

Four Journeys to Employment in the Tourism and Hospitality Sector in Rwanda

About this Hanga Ahazaza Journey

There are multiple opportunities within Rwanda’s tourism and hospitality sector, whether you’re a young job seeker, employee with some experience in the sector, a manager looking to upgrade your skills and grow within your role, or a small business owner wanting your business to thrive.

Depending on where you’re starting from, you can choose your own journey to learn about the various opportunities within this sector and interact with various Hanga Ahazaza partners who will support you along the way.

To explore what the Hanga Ahazaza initiative has to offer through the eyes of Uwase, Keza, Shyaka, and Mutoni, click on each name in the menu to the left of the screen.

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Uwase's Journey to Employment

The first stop on Uwase’s journey is “Career Guidance”.

Harambee helps Uwase with resume improvement, interview practice and employment and training opportunities.

From there, Uwase has three possibilities:

  • Direct to employment.
  • Employment and a promotion through skills training.
  • Barista training and management classes to employment and a promotion.

Did you know?

  • Customer service skills are essential for career success in virtually any sector.

Did you know?

  • Coffee consumption and tourism are on the rise in Rwanda, making specialized preparation skills in high demand.

The first stop on Keza’s journey is “Career Guidance”.

Harambee helps Keza with resume-writing, interview practice, and employment and training opportunities.

From there, Keza has four possibilities:

  • Directly to employment
  • Starting her own business.
  • Further education to secure employment
  • Barista training to secure a job

Did you know?

  • Rwanda tourism creates thousands of jobs a year in business, manufacturing, agriculture, and more.

Did you know?

Vatel Rwanda’s International Hotel Management Degree can lead to supervisory-level promotions.

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The first stop on Shyaka’s journey is “Career Guidance”.

Harambee connects Shyaka to skill-expanding training opportunities.

Shyaka's journey has four possibilities:

  • Skills training that leads to a promotion.
  • Learning new skills that leads to a career in a different part of the sector.
  • Certification of his skills that leads to a promotion.
  • Online training for new skills that leads to a promotion.

Did you know?

  • Rwanda tourism managers are in great demand with more than 15,000 positions expected by 2020.

Did you know?

Through Hanga Ahazaza, Cornell’s online training can
accommodate work schedules
and time zones.

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The first stop on Mutoni’s journey is “Business Support Services”.

Mutoni learns about Hanga Ahazaza and seeks business support services to grow her business.


From here, Mutoni's journey can go one of two ways:

  • Support for licencing and training that leads to financial support and business growth.
  • Business development program leading to qualifying for financial support and, finally, business growth.

Did you know?

Inkomoko supports 270 tourism and hospitality businesses and is expecting 2,970 new jobs in the next 3 years.

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Did you know?

Improved access to financial tools, development support and coaching can help small businesses grow and create new jobs.

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Did you know?

Over 50% of entrepreneurs who received support from AMI created new jobs.

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