Leaders in Teaching

Improving Learning by Investing in Teachers

Improving Learning by Investing in Teachers

Teachers are the front-line of the education system and reach thousands of students over their careers. Investing in teachers can improve secondary education outcomes and improve life and livelihood opportunities for youth. Yet the teaching profession in Africa faces many challenges: schools are often under-resourced; teaching conditions are poor; retention is low; and compensation is inadequate. These challenges are especially acute in rural and remote areas. If we consider that every teacher reaches thousands of young people over their careers, then removing barriers for even one teacher can result in exponential gains in learning outcomes, particularly in disadvantaged communities.

Leaders in Teaching responds to the opportunities that a quality secondary education represents for the African continent. It supports teachers throughout their careers and prepares them to deliver high quality, relevant education.

Leaders in Teaching consists of two components:

  1. Country-level programs developed in consultation with local and national stakeholders, tailored to meet their specific needs and priorities. Elements include:
  • Recruiting top graduates who are passionate about teaching into the profession;
  • Training new and experienced teachers in mathematics, science and ICT curriculum, and employing competency-based and student-centered teaching approaches;
  • Strengthening educational leadership at schools; and
  • Elevating teachers’ professional status through recognition and career development opportunities.
  1. Pan-African Centres for Innovative Teaching and Learning that address key themes in secondary education that are relevant across the continent. The Centres will catalyze improvements in teaching and learning through three core functions:
  • Foster and support innovation and experimentation;
  • Share best practices and advance research;
  • Engage and convene multiple stakeholders at all levels to encourage policy change and implementation of new approaches.

Leaders in Teaching contributes to our focus on enabling young people in Africa to secure dignified and meaningful work.

Secondary education is the time when youth acquire the skills and knowledge they need to be productive and effective in obtaining secure work and income opportunities.  Leaders in Teaching mobilizes and supports teachers and leaders who are at the front-lines of education, and prepares young people for meaningful employment.

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