Astou Dia Touré, resident of the National Institute for the Education and Training of Young Blinded persons (INEFJA), beneficiary of the APTE Senegal program

“Everyone fits in!”

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Astou DIA Touré is a resident of the National Institute of Education and Training for Blind Youth  and a student at a middle school in Thies (Center West Senegal). In 9th grade, she enrolled in APTE Senegal’s “Improving Work Performance and Entrepreneurship” program.

Astou spontaneously took the initiative to approach the APTE Senegal supervisors to participate in  the training, through which she discovered her passion for Personal Development.

Living with a disability can sometimes hinder ambitions, but for Astou, whose optimism is contagious, this rule does not apply.

“The APTE training is very important to me because it has taught me a lot. For example, I learned that if you don’t have a job after your studies, you can create your own business to support yourself. A lot of the modules push us to overcome the obstacles that hold us back.”

Astou’s academic performance has improved significantly after attending APTE classes. The training focuses on developing motivation and acquiring entrepreneurial skills and competencies.

Astou is now determined to complete her education and start her professional career. “I want to become a lawyer but at one point I was discouraged and thought I would not be able to do it because of my disability. The APTE training encouraged me to keep believing in my ambitions. However, if things don’t go as planned, I know I have the skills and capabilities to start my own business.” she concluded.