Ndeye Aminata Diène, retailer and trainee of the APTE “Second Chance Project.”

“The APTE program offered me a second chance.”

Read the French version here.

Ndeye Aminata Diène is a shopkeeper who participated in the “Second Chance Project”, the component of the APTE Program targeting young graduates.

After graduating, Ndeye Aminata found it difficult to find a job. Hearing about the “Second Chance Project” instantly struck her interest.

Like many other young graduates, she was selected after applying and took the opportunity to gain knowledge.

She had already started her own business but needed to be equipped with the required skills and capabilities to manage her shop efficiently.

The modules on entrepreneurship and the funding allocated by the APTE program, allowed Ndeye Aminata to strengthen her entrepreneurial skills and restock her store with various items (leather shoes, perfumes, fabrics, sheets, etc.).

Whether they are graduates or not, Ndeye Aminata encourages young people to start a business. “I strongly advise young people to start self-employment careers because the job market is saturated and not everyone can be hired” Ndeye Aminata concludes.

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