“Thanks to APTE, I am an entrepreneur.”

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A native of Diourbel (central region of Senegal), Ahmed Diouf is a young entrepreneur studying Management and Accounting in his hometown.

Ahmed took part in the APTE (Improving Work Performance and Entrepreneurship in Senegal) program, which triggered his enterprising spirit and improved his business and personal skills.

He founded Baol Bio Pack, a small company that recycles cement bags into biodegradable paper bags. The idea to start making paper bags came to him after researching the harmful consequences of plastic bags. He considers his initiative to be his contribution in responding to global environmental concerns such as the protection of the environment, pollution, and global warming.

Although the first two attempts to make quality products failed, his tenacity, determination, and the knowledge gained from the APTE program training eventually paid off.

With the small profits generated from his activity, Ahmed can now support himself and even help his mother with household expenses. His current customers are mainly bakeries, small-size stores, and individuals. However, Ahmed’s ambition doesn’t stop there. He is working on meeting the required standards of production to expand to larger clients. «This is my goal, and I will get there soon,” he says confidently.

The personal development training provided by APTE improved Ahmed Diouf’s leadership and decision-making skills and helped him feel more confident to open up.

Ahmed is an excellent role model for those around him, especially the younger crowds, to whom he advises to be resilient and push forward despite setbacks.

Alongside his Baol Bio Pack company, Ahmed is also venturing into livestock breeding. He raises chickens and several breeds of sheep at home.

“He built the pens by himself,” says his mother, proudly pointing to the chicken coop and the sheep pen. She continues: “He is full of energy and spares no effort to make ends meet and help his family. He used to be very shy, but after going through the APTE program training, he has become more outgoing and driven.”