Mapping, Targeting and Training Benin’s Future Leaders

Gaining the skills and knowledge needed to earn a decent living is a significant challenge for young women across Africa. Many live in remote communities where their days are spent fulfilling household obligations — cleaning, cooking, caring for siblings — which often renders them invisible to international development agencies. A pilot program, Mapping, Targeting and Training Benin’s Future Leaders, is a year-long collaboration between Mastercard Foundation and Batonga Foundation to go beyond the paved road in Benin and reach girls who are left out of formal schooling and development initiatives. Using the Girl Roster™ tool, 1,600 girls aged 15 to 24 in two remote communities were identified, mapped, and recruited to join Girls Clubs where their gained foundational and transferable skills.  Using an evidence-based and adaptive approach, this case study demonstrates the transformational impact a program can have when it prioritizes the needs of young women.