Scholar Stories: Defining A Leadership Journey Through Hard Work

International Women's Day 2018

In celebration of International Women’s Day and the African Women’s Leadership Conference at Wellesley College, Scholars explain how gender has shaped their leadership journeys. The following is a video by Sherifa Iddrisu, a Scholar in the Program at University for Development Studies in Ghana.

“It is the work that determines who you are, not the title”  Sherifa Iddrisu

In this video, Sherifa revisits her time in high school and running for the post of prefect—an event which played a key role in defining her journey as a leader. Sherifa reflects on how one’s title should never be a limiting factor and even as an assistant prefect, she excelled in the ability to take the lead and continue improving her skills.

Watch the video.

Sherifa’s story is part of a series for International Women’s Day that is highlighting stories from Mastercard Foundation Scholars about how gender has shaped their leadership journeys.

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