Statement of Support for Mastercard Foundation Scholars

March 27, 2020 – In this challenging and uncertain time, we want to affirm our unwavering commitment to the health, well-being, and education of all Mastercard Foundation Scholars.

During this period, we have adapted our traditional support to meet a variety of needs faced by Scholars. We are in close contact with our partners around the world, and our specific actions are tailored to the evolving situation in each Scholar’s home country and country of study, and informed by the guidelines issued by the World Health Organization as well as national and local health authorities and governments.

As a result of the pandemic, many Scholars have been required – or have elected – to return home. Their travel costs are fully covered by the Program.  Where Scholars have remained in their country of study, our Program partners are ensuring that they have access to housing, food and necessities, and psychosocial support. In the coming weeks, we will be working with all partners to ensure that all Scholars have access to e-learning opportunities if they are not already engaged in online instruction.

We are hopeful that the sum of measures taken by our partners and Scholars to mitigate the spread of disease will successfully protect Scholars. However, we are sensitive to the fact that it is possible that one or more Scholars may contract COVID-19. Our partners have provided guidance to Scholars on how to safely seek help if they are exhibiting symptoms. Should a Scholar contract COVID-19, the Foundation and our partners will ensure they have access to healthcare services, receive the necessary treatment, and are safely quarantined.

These are difficult times for all, including Scholars and their peers around the world. We need comfort, community, and reassurance. We will do our best to offer these to all Scholars.

To Scholars: We want to assure you again that we will stand with you through this crisis. No matter how long it takes.

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