The Mastercard Foundation Adopts IATI Data Standard in Support of Transparency and Collaboration

The Mastercard Foundation is adopting the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) data standard, a multi-stakeholder initiative aimed at improving the transparency of development and humanitarian activities and resources. The standard is a set of rules and guidance produced by IATI for publishing useful development and humanitarian data.

The Mastercard Foundation is the first Canadian-based foundation to share data that adopts the standard, marking an important contribution to data infrastructure in support of collaboration and effectiveness. The initiative aligns with the Foundation’s commitment to share evidence-based knowledge, find new insights, and make these lessons available to others, an approach outlined in the Young Africa Works strategy. We are one of many focusing on the youth employment challenge in Africa and reporting with common data standards will help us better understand how we can work more effectively together, and extend benefits to those we work with:

  • For government: Provides up-to-date information on the activities of development and humanitarian organizations operating within a country for greater collaboration.
  • For donors and multilateral agencies: Reveals spending that has the greatest impact for more effective investments.
  • For civil society organizations delivering services: Shows the location of activities to support improved coordination and eliminate duplicated efforts.
  • For citizens and journalists: Provides transparency of spending and use of resources to hold governments accountable.

For more information on IATI, visit

To access the Foundation’s datasets, visit the IATI website.