EleV Youth Voices

Changemakers: Indigenous Youth Leading the Way to a Vibrant & Sustainable Future

The vision for EleV, co-created and confirmed with Indigenous youth and communities, is for Indigenous young people to be living Mino Bimaadiziwin, which means “a good life” in the Anishinaabe language, and encompasses a holistic and Indigenized view of success – not simply employment but a meaningful livelihood, a fulfilling life, a life consistent with one’s traditions and values.

This means listening to Indigenous youth, centering and amplifying their voices, and supporting their ideas and initiatives for real, transformative change. Learn more about how Indigenous young people across Canada view Mino Bimaadiziwin and the actions they are taking to make this vibrant future a reality.

Culture, Connection, and Resurgence

At the EleV Program, we seek to uplift and amplify the voices of Indigenous young people as agents of change in their communities and in Canada as a whole. In Culture, Connection, and Resurgence young Indigenous artists share their aspirations, talent, and vision in answer to the question: “What does Mino Bimaadiziwin mean to you?”


Our Vision for the Future

The visions and aspirations of Indigenous youth are central to the EleV Program. Highlighting, centering, and listening to the voices of Indigenous young people is essential to finding the way forward. The video project, Indigenous Youth: Our Visions for the Future, is part of that effort.

We reached out to Indigenous youth from many Nations and many regions across the country and provided support for training enabling them to produce videos answering the questions: “What is your vision for the future and how are you going to make that happen? What and who do you need to help make that future a reality?” Their answers were thoughtful, compelling, and inspiring.

Our Vision, Our Future, Our Languages

EleV supports language revitalization to enable Indigenous young people to lead, prosper and thrive in their education and in their lives. Indigenous youth have stated unequivocally that revitalizing Indigenous languages and cultures—and embedding Indigenous ways of knowing, being and learning—is critical for their success in post-secondary education, their transitions to meaningful livelihoods, and Indigenous self-determination. As the world enters the International Decade of Indigenous Languages, the video series Indigenous Youth: Our Vision, Our Future, Our Languages features the voices, perspectives, and experiences of Indigenous youth.