Mastercard Foundation Brand Guidelines

The Brand Guidelines provide the Foundation employees and partners with a system for representing the Foundation, and contains guidance on the use of official brand marks, language, photography, colours, typography, and obtaining permissions.

Brand Mark

The Mastercard Foundation brand mark is used on internal and external communications. The brand mark is comprised of two elements; a logo and word mark.

Mastercard Foundation brand mark


The logo is modelled after Mastercard International’s corporate symbol, and composed of two intersecting circles. The Foundation word mark is produced in lowercase “Mark for MC” font. It is important to note that in written text, we are referred to as the “Mastercard Foundation” with capital letters. Authorized master artwork must be used to reproduce the signature. It cannot be recreated or scanned from previous communications. You must contact the Foundation for approval before using the signature on non-Foundation products.

Brand Mark Usage

  1. The Foundation’s brand mark should appear prominently on all print and digital materials created by partners.
  2. Partners must use approved Foundation brand marks reproduced from master artwork.
  3. If the Foundation is a partner’s primary funder, its brand mark should be displayed more prominently than the secondary funder on all print and digital materials. If the Foundation is a secondary funder, the primary funder’s brand mark can be displayed more prominently. If the Foundation is an equal funder, its brand mark should be the same size as other funders.

Brand Mark Types

Mastercard Foundation brand mark versions

1.  Full Colour, Preferred Version

In the preferred version of the Mastercard Foundation signature, the corporate symbol and TM symbol appear in three process colours (Mastercard Red, Mastercard Orange, and Mastercard Yellow). The Foundation wordmark appears in one match colour (Pantone Black) on white or light-colour backgrounds, or reverses to white on black and dark-colour backgrounds.

2.  Grayscale Version

The grayscale version is used when printing in black ink only. In the grayscale version, the brand mark appears in black and tints of black. The Foundation word mark and TM symbol appear in black on white or light-colour backgrounds. When printing on black or dark-colour background, an alternate gradient is used for the logo. The Foundation word mark and TM symbol reverse to white. Never invert the positive grayscale artwork to create the reverse version, or vice versa.

3.  Solid Version

The line art version is available for special uses (e.g., one-colour printing, premium items). When printing on a white or light-colour background, the logo, word mark and TM symbol appear in black. When printing on black or dark-colour backgrounds, the corporate symbol, word mark and TM symbol reverse to white.

Brand Mark Size


Mastercard Foundation brand mark minimum sizes
Minimum Size

The minimum size for printing the brand mark is 0.5” (12.7 mm) wide. For on-screen applications, the minimum size is 36 pixels wide. By following size and TM symbol standards, you will ensure the Mastercard Foundation signature is visually consistent and legally protected.

Minimum Free Space

To ensure the signature is never compromised, it must stand alone, surrounded by a minimum free space. Nothing else may be printed in this rectangular free space. The amount of required free space is proportional to the height of the word mark. For print applications, the free space around the signature must be equal to or twice greater than the height of the Foundation word mark. For on-screen applications, the free space around the signature must be equal to or greater than the height of the Foundation word mark.

Incorrect Use of the Brand Mark

Mastercard Foundation brand mark mistakes

When using the Mastercard Foundation brand mark, you must not:

  1. Omit the orange centre shape.
  2. Recolour the circles.
  3. Outline the circles.
  4. Recolour the word mark.
  5. Display or reproduce at insufficient resolution.
  6. Reconfigure or reposition elements of the brand mark.
  7. Individually resize components of the brand mark.
  8. Enclose the brand mark in a holding shape.
  9. Change the font of the word mark.
  10. Position the word mark within the circles.
  11. Omit the word mark.
  12. Alter, add, or combine other text to the word mark.


The brand mark is a trademark owned by Mastercard International Incorporated used pursuant to license. When the brand mark is at least 1” (25.4 mm) or 72 pixels wide, always use the TM trademark symbol below and to the right of the logo. When the brand mark is less than 1” (25.4 mm) or 72 pixels wide, it is permissible to remove the TM trademark symbol if production issues will produce illegible results. The TM trademark symbol always appears at the far right of the corporate symbol.

How to Reference Mastercard Foundation

The Foundation’s Name

When referencing the Foundation, please use our full name, with capital letters: Mastercard Foundation

We also encourage you to include a link to our website,, in print and digital communications.


About Mastercard Foundation 

 The Mastercard Foundation works with visionary organizations to enable young people in Africa and in Indigenous communities in Canada to access dignified and fulfilling work.  It is one of the largest, private foundations in the world with a mission to advance learning and promote financial inclusion to create an inclusive and equitable world. The Foundation was created by Mastercard in 2006 as an independent organization with its own Board of Directors and management. For more information on the Foundation, please visit: 


À propos de Mastercard Foundation  

 La Mastercard Foundation collabore avec des organisations visionnaires dans le but d’aider la jeunesse africaine et celle issue des communautés autochtones canadiennes à accéder à des emplois dignes et épanouissants.  Comptant parmi les plus grandes fondations privées au monde, elle s’emploie à faire progresser l’éducation et à promouvoir l’inclusion financière en vue de créer un monde plus juste et inclusif. Créée en 2006 par Mastercard, la Fondation opère de manière indépendante sous la gouvernance de son propre conseil d’administration. Pour en savoir plus sur la Fondation, veuillez consulter la page : 


Collaboration is one of the Foundation’s values. We believe that all our projects are partnerships. When communicating about the Foundation, please use the following language:

  • In partnership with the Foundation
  • In collaboration with the Foundation
  • Together with the Foundation
  • Joining the Foundation

Please avoid terms like funder, grant, gift, sponsor and donor.

Review Process

We encourage you to share information about our partnership with your audiences. When mentioning the Foundation or using the Foundation’s brandmark, we request that you share it with our communications team prior to distribution. This includes materials such as press releases, webpage announcements, fact sheets, public reports, videos, brochures and signage. We want to ensure the partnership is being correctly represented. This also allows us to promote the content through our channels.

Public announcements of our partnership

  • Review required: We require three weeks’ notice for an editorial review and approval of use of brandmark and name.
  • Examples: Press releases, media advisory, website/TV/radio announcements

Materials produced that reference the partnership or use the Foundation name or brandmark.

  • Review required: We require 72 hours of notice for a light editorial review to ensure consistency of messaging, and to ensure proper use of brandmark and name.
  • Examples: Publications, annual reports, websites, signage, brochures

Opportunistic communications (activities that are time-sensitive).

  • Review required: No review required.
  • Examples: Media interviews, last-minute speaking engagements, blogs, tweets


The tone of photography should be human, natural, and aspirational. Photography should be saturated, authentic and have bright, vibrant colours. Images should capture people in their normal environment doing something they would normally do. Written consent must be obtained from people or their guardian featured in photos prior to photo usage. Additionally, people featured in photography must be over 12 years of age. When using Foundation photography, we ask that you obtain our permission and please credit the photo “[Photographer] for Mastercard Foundation.” Additional guidelines are as follows:

  • Composition: Allow the primary subject to be the focus of each photo. Backgrounds and secondary subjects should form a cohesive relationship with the primary subject.
  • Content: Photography should be authentic and natural. Avoid images that are overly staged.
  • Brand vs. Secondary Imagery: Images used should be sourced from the Foundation’s photo library. If necessary, stock photos can be used to play a supporting visual role.
    Foundation photo examples

Foundation Colour Palette and Typeface

Colour Palette

Mastercard Foundation Colour Palette

Mastercard Foundation Colour Palette

An accessible colour palette is available by request.

Typeface: “Mark for MC”

“Mark for MC” is the official typeface of the Mastercard Foundation brand mark, and contains various font weights and styles.

Foundation font samples

These fonts are retained under license from Mastercard International, and may only be used with permission. In written text, such as documents, presentations, emails, and websites, it is not necessary to use the “Mark for MC” fonts. It is recommended to use a neutral, sans serif font in its place (such as Helvetica, Arial, or Tahoma), which are common across computing systems for everyday use. The downloadable brand mark artwork file contains design templates that use outlines of the typeface, and do not require an installation of the “Mark for MC” fonts.

More Information

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