Young Africa Works

Young Africa Works in Kenya is a public-private partnership to connect young Kenyans to dignified work.

The Goal: Five million young people in dignified and fulfilling work by 2030.

Context: In the next five years, there will be an estimated six million un- and underemployed Kenyans, the majority of whom will be young people. Underemployed young Kenyans earn an average of US$0.2 per day, compared to the rest of workforce earning an average of US$59 per month.

Our Approach: We intend to break down barriers faced by young men and women when accessing work, skills development, or starting their own businesses. Building on Kenya’s progress in digital entrepreneurship, we will use technology to connect young people to work and provide entrepreneurs with faster and more efficient access to capital, mentorship, and business development services.

Priority sectors: Agriculture, manufacturing, housing, and health care.



Connecting Young Kenyans to Dignified Work

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