Young Africa Works in Kenya

Young Africa Works in Kenya will help micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs) grow, unlock the potential of the agricultural sector, and use a skilled workforce that is ready to take advantage of new possibilities. These will be supported by a digital transformation plan that will create business models that are disruptive and can grow quickly.

The Goal:

Build the capabilities and resilience of young people and institutions across Kenya to enable seven million young people to access dignified and fulfilling work by 2030. Of these, 70 percent (approximately five million) will be young women.


Over 800,000 young people join the workforce every year. However, a mix of large and small factors has made it harder for formal jobs to be created. Young people from low-income areas, especially young women, have to deal with the worst of these problems and are often pushed to take low-productivity jobs in vulnerable conditions.

To realize an ambitious agenda anchored within a singular focus on young people, Young Africa Works in Kenya will foster and deepen partnerships with and between the business sector, civil society, academia, and government, among others, to improve job creation outcomes.

Our Approach:

Young Africa Works in Kenya is built on a thorough root-cause analysis of the systemic barriers that keep young women and men from getting the chances they deserve. Taking into account the government of Kenya’s goals and plans, such as Vision 2030, it outlines a comprehensive set of investments that aim to change national systems (such as social, economic, and technological systems), mindsets, institutions, and policies in order to create dignified and fulfilling jobs for young women and men and help their families and communities as a result.

Focus Areas:

Micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), Agriculture, Workforce Development (Education and Skills), and the Digital Economy.



Connecting Young Kenyans to Dignified Work

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