Our Work in Action

Since our founding, we’ve partnered with more than 130 visionary organizations to increase financial inclusion and access to youth learning in Africa. By sharing our experiences and those of our partners, we hope to provoke thought, start conversations, and, ultimately, amplify our impact.

At the Mastercard Foundation, everything we do begins by listening to the people we aim to reach — un- and underemployed youth in Africa. They are our partners in developing solutions to youth unemployment, and their ideas influence the design of our projects on the continent. Read through our youth-authored content to get a glimpse of the energy, enthusiasm, and ingenuity that continues to inspire our work.

Listening to Young People

Hear from the young people who we work with.

Our Work in Action

Featured Content

Five Things Young People in Ghana Want for Their Future

The years of adolescence and early adulthood are strongly formative times for young people to envision their future, explore possibilities, and seek pathways forward in life.

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Transforming Youth Employment Through Social Entrepreneurship

With an entrepreneurial mindset and a commitment to social issues, social entrepreneurs identify the root cause of challenges and tackle them with innovative and practical solutions.

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Looking to the Future of Financial Inclusion in Africa

Ann Miles on the Recent and Remarkable Growth in Financial Inclusion in Africa

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#WhyITeach – Teachers Prepare Africa’s Young People to Succeed in Work and Life

How can we recruit more passionate teachers and remove barriers to retaining them?

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