Experiential Learning through STEM Based Projects

“Learning by doing” or experiential learning is a form of learning that has been around since the ancient times. Aristotle said, “for the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them”.

While learning by doing is universally recognized as an important way of learning, its implementation has not reflected that recognition, especially in the developing world. This puts students from this part of the world at a disadvantage. In its effort to promote innovative learning, the Mastercard Foundation Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning is collaborating with Creativity Lab in promoting STEM projects in primary and secondary schools.

Last month, the Centre hosted the first of many STEM project demonstrations where students showcased their projects and shared their insights with other students and education stakeholders.  The hope is that this will inspire more students to implement their own projects as well as encourage education stakeholders to incorporate this time of “learning by doing” in their programs.