Regional Programs

We are currently working in 33 countries across Africa with more than 245 partners. We are developing and supporting Africa’s next generation of leaders, young people with a vision for their future who will drive transformation on the continent. Through scholarships and innovative training delivery models, we are increasing access to education and skills training. By working with employers and governments, we’re ensuring the quality and relevance of education and training programs so that students are equipped with skills that meet the market’s needs.

Financial inclusion on the continent has increased through technology, which has enabled those who previously had limited or no access to financial services to save for the future, grow their businesses, and insure against risk. Collaborating with financial service providers, we are developing and testing new business models and products to meet the needs of the financially excluded and complement the informal practices widely used. We also work with entrepreneurs, universities, companies, and funders to translate innovative ideas into large-scale solutions.