What is the Future for Youth in Africa’s Agri-Food Systems? A Foresight Analysis.

WHAT IF WE COULD SEE THE FUTURE? We cannot fully see the future … but we can have a feel of it and approach it guided! Our work on Foresight Analysis in Agri-Food Systems has just yielded a knowledge product that should interest you. This product is unique in that it is entirely youth-driven. Over 40 young people in the agri-food systems drawn from different countries worked for four days trying to understand what their future in the agrifood space looks like. They painted four possible future scenarios, identified 12 critical uncertainties in the sector, and then, importantly, mapped out a pathway towards youth-led and youth-centred food sufficiency that provides and promotes youth employment in the sector for the continent. We still cannot see all the future, but now we have guidance on how best to prepare for and even influence the future in the agri-food space!

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