24 EdTech Companies in Kenya and Nigeria to be accelerated under the Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship

EdTech fellowship cohort in Nigeria

May 31, 2023 – Following the announcement of the first cohort of 12 EdTech companies in South Africa in April 2023, an additional 24 EdTech companies in Kenya and Nigeria, have joined the Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship, aimed at supporting the growth of an impactful EdTech ecosystem in Africa.

Combined, the 36 EdTech companies are being supported under Tech Hubs – Injini (South Africa), iHub (Kenya) and CoCreation (Nigeria) as part of efforts by the Foundation to catalyze innovation and advance promising practices in the use of technology in learning and teaching to benefit learners, education and ed-tech innovators across the continent.

Since 2019, the Mastercard Foundation through the Centre of Innovative Teaching and Learning has been working with tech hubs to enable digital content, learning management platforms, workforce and skill, STEAM education support, Tutoring and Testing, and online learning content in Africa.

Under the 2023 Mastercard EdTech Fellowship, Tech Hubs will provide the selected startups with direct funding support, product quality evaluation and certification, intensive skills development, coaching and mentorship, bespoke market research, and market access their networks of stakeholders across the education innovation landscape.

The EdTech companies are some of Africa’s most promising educational technology solutions innovators and through combined support, these entrepreneurs will be empowered to scale their innovations and effect positive change in teaching and learning in Africa.

One of the core tasks of the Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning is to disseminate ‘what works’ in harnessing technology to improve education policy and practice using technology while fostering co-created solutions to Africa’s education challenges. The Foundation has been intentional about leveraging technology to drive and improve the quality of education and vocational training to equip young people with the skills they need to thrive and prosper.

The solutions developed by the EdTech companies will be part of the urgent and critical response in addressing many of Africa’s long-standing challenges that have affected enrollment, quality, and availability of effective educational options for the continent’s young population.

See here all the fellows (EdTech companies) who made it to the 2023 Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellowship from Injini Africa, iHub, CoCreation Hub.

Learn more about the Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning in ICT.

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