EleV: Roadmap to 2030

The vision for EleV – a vision co-created and confirmed with Indigenous youth and communities – is for Indigenous young people to be living Mino Bimaadiziwin, which means “a good life” in the Anishinaabe language.

EleV’s goal is for education and employment systems to be transformed to enable 100,000 Indigenous young people to access post-secondary education and transition to meaningful livelihoods by 2030.

It is an ambitious goal, but we are not walking this road alone nor are we leading the way. We know the solutions are found in the vision and values of Indigenous youth. Our role is to support their initiatives, their efforts, and their ideas for transformative change.

Find out more about how we will walk alongside Indigenous youth, communities, and Nations with respect and commitment to support the journey towards Mino Bimaadiziwin:

Roadmap to 2030 (two-page spread)

Feuille de route d’EleV pour 2030 (double page)

Roadmap to 2030 (single-page spread)

Feuille de route d’EleV pour 2030 (page distincte)

EleV and Systems Change

Realizing the vision of Mino Bimaadiziwin requires Systems Change. Education, employment and training systems must be transformed to value and embed Indigenous languages, cultures and worldviews, based on the direction of Indigenous youth and Nations.

But what is “Systems Change” and why is it important to the EleV Program? Learn more:

The EleV Program and Systems Change

Le Programme EleV et les changements systémiques

The 6 Conditions of Systems Change Examples in the Context of EleV

Les six conditions du changement des systems

The EleV Learning Framework

The Vision and Goals of the EleV Program are about changing entire systems of education, employment and entrepreneurship for Indigenous youth. This requires a new approach to learning and measurement and clarity in reporting results and impact.

Learn more about the innovative approaches being used to assess and evaluate progress in the EleV Program:

The EleV Learning and Measurement Framework

Le cadre d’apprentissage et de mesure des résultats du Programme EleV


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