• GroFin SGB Fund

    Project: Business Development Support and Improved Access to Finance for Small Businesses

    Amount: $0.9 million

    Country: Rwanda

    GroFin will provide 270 small businesses in the tourism and hospitality sector with access to business support services that allow the businesses to grow and generate new – and retain existing – job opportunities, that will primarily be filled by disadvantaged people in Rwanda as a means of relieving poverty.

    GroFin will provide to select businesses using their own investment funds and those not selected for GroFin will have the opportunity to be connected to other funders through the Hanga Ahazaza initiative.

  • African Entrepreneur Collective (AEC)

    Project: Business Development Support for Small Businesses

    Amount: $1.1 million

    Country: Rwanda

    Implement its Inkomoko Business Development program to support 270 tourism and hospitality businesses. The program will improve their capacity and skills, while also matching them with financial partners who can provide direct investment.

  • Dalberg Limited

    Project: Hanga Ahazaza – Learning & Research

    Amount: $1.9 million

    Country: Rwanda

    Dalberg will support functions related to the monitoring, learning and coordination of partners. Working closely with the Foundation, it will support the development and implementation of an initiative wide, cohesive learning framework and data collective system.

  • Cornell University

    Project: Hanga Ahazaza – Upskilling and Management

    Amount: $6.0 million

    Country: Rwanda

    Provide training to 1,280 young Rwandans through an online training program.

  • Horwath HTL Interconsult Ltd.

    Project: Hanga Ahazaza – Institutional Development

    Amount: $1.1 million

    Country: Rwanda

    Support the demand side of the Hanga Ahazaza initiative by supporting training and product development across Rwanda. The implementation of these products with small Rwandan businesses will allow them to develop, access finance and relieve poverty through the employment of disadvantaged Rwandans.

  • Vatel Rwanda

    Project: Hanga Ahazaza – Train and Educate Young People in the Tourism and Hospitality Sector

    Amount: $4.4 million

    Country: Rwanda

    Vatel will deliver professional short courses to youth with little or no experience in the hospitality sector. Vatel will also provide young Rwandans with management training and equip them with the skills required to fill executive level positions in the tourism and hospitality sector.

    Visit Vatel Rwanda’s website >

  • Harambee

    Project: Phase II

    Amount: $10.0 million

    Country: South Africa

    Equip 17,000 young work-seekers with employability and soft skills to enable them to become and remain employed.

    Design, develop, and test innovations, including platforms and diagnostic tools, to offer more inclusive opportunities.


    Project: Hanga Ahazaza – Rwanda Youth Employment Accelerator

    Amount: $8.7 million

    Country: Rwanda

    Harambee will identify, screen and test a network of 100,000 young people and place 25,000 into training and employment opportunities. Harambee will work closely with other Hanga Ahazaza partners and local employers to ensure effective matching and attribute testing.

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  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

    Project: Hanga Ahazaza – Institutional Development

    Amount: $6.3 million

    Country: Rwanda

    Support capacity development of key national institutions in Rwanda by strengthening the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) ecosystem and developing workplace training modules for Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centres, key industries, and regulatory institutions.