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A Review of Youth Employment Policies and Their Impact in Kenya

The main objective of this study was to undertake a comprehensive review of youth employment programs in Kenya along with their impacts and lessons. Despite various government interventions that different stakeholders support, employment creation for youth remains challenging. The country continues to face prominent levels of unemployment and underemployment among youth. To make the labour market work better, the government has implemented a variety of interventions, including public work programs, entrepreneurship support programs and skills development programs. Some of the crosscutting challenges that affect youth employment program implementation are inadequate financial, human and other resources, which limits the success of many interventions, including the skills training programs; poor intervention implementation; poor coordination and overlapping of mandates, which is linked to the high fragmentation of institutions at the national and county levels.

PEP is partnering with the Mastercard Foundation for a three-year initiative on “What Works for Youth Employment in Africa.” It aims to provide evidence that can drive policy reform to increase youth employment in ten African countries. 

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