Green Jobs Roundtable: Youth Voices Paving the Way

Can Green Jobs Address Youth Unemployment in Africa?

Climate change is an undeniable reality, affecting everything from where we live and the food we eat to the jobs and opportunities that may be available in the future. ‘Green jobs’ entail the production of goods or services that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources, and investing in green job creation can meet the challenge of youth unemployment in Africa while advancing climate-resilient solutions.

This roundtable conversation brings together young African leaders who are creating climate-smart solutions to shape the future of work for young people. They discuss the importance of moving from rhetoric and commitments to concrete climate actions. Listen to their insights on the investments that need to be made, the skills young people require, recommendations for enabling policies, and their hopes for the future of green jobs on the continent.


Watch the Green Jobs Roundtable

Meet the Panelists

Chebet Lesan

BrightGreen Renewable Energy – Founder and CEO

Website: brightgreenkenya.co.ke

Twitter: @ChebetLesan / @brightgreenke

Linkedin: BrightGreen Energy

Facebook: BrightGreen Energy

Instagram: @brightgreenke

Nolo Mokoena

Crtve Development – Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer

Website: creativedevelop.org

Twitter: @Nolo_Mokoena / @crtvedevelop

Instagram: @nolomokoena / @crtve_development

Facebook: Crtve Development

LinkedIn: Nolo Mokoena / Crtve Development

Sellah Bogonko

Jacob’s Ladder Africa – Co-Founder and CEO

Website: jacobsladder.africa

Twitter: @Sellahb / @JacobsLadder_A

Facebook: Jacob’s Ladder Africa

Linkedin: Sellah Bogonko / Jacob’s Ladder Africa

Instagram: @sellahb / @jacobsladderafrica

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