Harnessing the Potential of Hospitality and Tourism for Young People’s Employment

2017-2018 Youth Think Tank Report

Harnessing the Potential of Hospitality and Tourism for Young People’s Employment

2017-2018 Youth Think Tank Report

The latest report from the Mastercard Foundation Youth Think Tank, Harnessing the Potential of Hospitality and Tourism for Young People’s Employment, examines the opportunities and constraints facing young people seeking work in the sector.

In addition to challenging widely held misconceptions, the report provides insight into the skills needed to succeed in the sector, as well as the constraints faced by employers trying to expand their businesses and young employees wanting to begin or advance their careers.

The research methodology included key informant interviews and focus group discussions as well as quantitative survey data from 350 respondents across seven countries. It captures the unique voices of young people using a peer-to-peer approach, where young people lead every step of the research process.

With many African countries turning to hospitality and tourism as a sector for economic growth, the findings of this report and its recommendations are a must read for stakeholders interested in learning more about how to engage young people in the sector and equip them with the tools they need to succeed.

Report Findings on Hospitality and Tourism in Africa

Success Factors for the Growth of Tourism and Hospitality in Africa

  • • Youth leadership to promote the sector.
  • • Youth co-leading efforts for greater access to training and jobs.
  • • Investment in young employees’ growth to support sector stability.
  • • Government engagement with youth and delivery on priorities for employment.
  • • Support for young people to take control of their own career paths.

How Can We Strengthen Tourism & Hospitality in Africa?

Recommendations for training institutions, employers, and young people interested in hospitality and tourism.

About the Youth Think Tank

In 2012, the Mastercard Foundation launched the Youth Think Tank to engage young people in research on key employment issues affecting youth in Africa. The aims of this initiative include:

  • Build an understanding of and capacity for youth engagement;
  • Build a body of evidence-based research that is inclusive of youth, and is currently lacking in Africa;
  • Provide insight on issues related to the Foundation’s work; and
  • Share these insights with the wider development community.

In addition, earlier this year we launched our new strategy, Young Africa Works, which unites our work around the youth employment challenge in Africa. We believe that those that are closest to the challenge are also closest to the solution. Youth leadership and input is key for inclusive economic growth in Africa. Projects such as the Youth Think Tank create spaces where young people are engaged in dialogue and influencing sector-wide policies and solutions at the sub-national, national, and regional level.

Perspectives from Youth Think Tank Members:

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