Indigenous Youth: Our Vision for the Future Video Series

EleV program centers aspirations of Indigenous youth

Indigenous youth are powerful agents of change for their communities, Nations, and Canada as a whole.

The visions and aspirations of Indigenous youth are central to the EleV program. Highlighting, centering and listening to their voices is crucial to finding the way forward.

The Indigenous Youth: Our Visions for the Future video project is part of that effort.

We reached out to Indigenous youth from many Nations and many regions across the Canada and provided support for training so they could produce videos answering the questions: “What is your vision for the future and how are you going to make that happen? What and who do you need to help make that future a reality?”

EleV is a commitment to Indigenous youth to support them in their pathways through education and on to meaningful livelihoods based on their values, traditions and aspirations. The way forward is found in the visions of Indigenous youth. This video series is one path to listen to and honour the voices of young Indigenous people.

Our Vision for the Future

Individual Youth Interviews on Our Vision for the Future


We’d like to thank Creative Fire, Bang Up Productions and all of the youth participants for helping bring this project to life.

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