The Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning Approach

Scaling EdTech Models to Improve Teaching and Learning in Secondary Education

By working with EdTech entrepreneurs and the government, the Centre will support EdTech models that will scale technology innovation to improve teaching and learning in secondary education. Here’s a summary of the Centre’s approach in seven work streams.

1. Identify Key Challenges in Secondary Education.

The Centre leadership will engage Government leaders in Foundation countries of focus to identify key challenges or constraints in secondary education teaching and learning that EdTech solutions can help resolve.

2. Issue a Call for Proposals for EdTech Solutions.

The Centre will issue, over time, a series of competitive calls for EdTech entrepreneurs, at the growth-stage and with potential to scale, to address key challenges identified by country governments.

3. Support EdTech Entrepreneurs to Design, Test, and Validate Their Innovations.

Selected EdTech entrepreneurs will be identified as Mastercard Foundation EdTech Fellows.  They will be provided with a robust support program while they refine, test, and validate their products.

4. Test and Validate Approaches with Government, Teachers and Students.

Through country level engagement, the Centre will develop a network of test schools across Africa to test and refine EdTech innovations. EdTech entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to engage with Government leaders to validate innovations and provide feedback on the potential for scale.

5. Engage Actors in the EdTech Space.

The Centre will engage with other actors in EdTech (development partners, private sector, investors, innovators) to ensure  continue value add to collective efforts in this space and to serve as a catalyst for others.

6. Advance Research and Share Best Practice.

The Centre will synthesize available evidence of ‘what works’ in each of the problem or challenge areas identified by policymakers.  By supporting rigorous evidence of impact for selected innovations, the Centre will contribute to the knowledge base in these areas.

7. Scale EdTech Solutions.

The Centre will explore the potential to scale EdTech solutions and address key constraints in the EdTech ecosystem by convening policymakers, entrepreneurs, investors and other key stakeholders and serving as a neutral broker between them.

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