Partnering With Us In Africa

Who We Partner With

Our partners share our vision for a world where everyone has the opportunity to learn and prosper. Using youth employment as an indicator of progress, our work together will help millions of Africans find a pathway out of poverty for themselves and their families.

Moving forward, we expect to work in a diverse group of countries with high levels of young people living in poverty who are vulnerably employed. Within a country, we work with African governments, the private sector, educators, and other funders to improve the quality of education and vocational training so that they equip young people with the skills employers need.

Requests For Proposals

The Foundation does not accept unsolicited project or investment proposals or participate in sponsorship opportunities. We occasionally release Requests for Proposals, so please check back for active listings.

There are no active Requests for Proposals at this time.   

Addressing youth unemployment in Africa will not be easy. Its scale and complexity mean that no one organization can do it alone. We must all work together — governments, the private sector, other funders, young people, and civil society — if we are to succeed.