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With the number of young people in Africa’s workforce set to increase to 375 million by 2030, there is an urgent need to improve the quality of secondary education on the continent. While Africa’s enrollment figures in secondary education have been increasing, the quality of learning remains extremely low. Millions of students graduate lacking the necessary knowledge and skills to advance to further education or the workforce.

Quality, relevant secondary education is critical to ensuring young people have the skills and competencies they need to succeed in work and in life. It’s not just the years spent in school that are important. Research shows that the quality of learning impacts a young person’s future income and productivity.

Investing in Teachers in Africa

Teachers are the front line of the education system and reach thousands of students over their careers. Investing in teachers can improve secondary education outcomes and improve life and livelihood opportunities for youth. Yet the teaching profession in Africa faces many challenges: schools are often under-resourced; teaching conditions are poor; retention is low; and compensation is inadequate. These challenges are especially acute in rural and remote areas. If we consider that every teacher reaches thousands of young people over their career, then removing barriers for even one teacher can result in exponential gains in learning outcomes, particularly in disadvantaged communities.

Leaders in Teaching responds to the opportunities that a quality secondary education represents for the African continent. It supports teachers throughout their careers and prepares them to deliver high-quality, relevant education.

Leaders in Teaching has two components: country-level programs and pan-African centres for innovation.

Country-level Programs

Comprehensive teacher training

Pan-African Centres for Innovation

Addressing key themes in secondary education in Africa


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