EdTech Mondays

Democratizing Education Technology

A key pillar of the Centre is to demystify and catalyze the use of technology in education through conversations that inform and engage the public on how technology can democratize education and improve learning across the continent. To achieve this, the Centre runs EdTech Mondays, the first-of-its-kind EdTech information platform, raising awareness and facilitating discussions on harnessing the power of technology in teaching and learning to improve the relevance and quality of education across Africa.  

The platform started in 2019 as informal conversations among EdTech entrepreneurs in Kigali, Rwanda. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the conversations graduated to Facebook Live discussions. Later the same year, it was elevated to broadcast format with start-off shows in Kenya and Ghana. 

In 2021, an integrated, Africa-wide monthly conversation of EdTech Mondays was launched in partnership with CNBC Africa and streams on the Mastercard Foundation Young Africa Works Facebook Page. Mastercard Foundation offices in Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and most recently WAEMU, in collaboration with local EdTech support organizations, disseminate the discussions with local context, experts, nuances, and case studies.  

EdTech Mondays Poster for Artificial Intelligence in Education

Artificial Intelligence in Education

Mastercard Foundation’s EdTech Mondays discusses the role of AI in education within the African continent’s education system framework.

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Teacher leads classroom with technology

Emerging Technologies in Edtech: The Role of Big Data in Advancing Education

The March edition of EdTech Mondays Africa explored how the continent’s educational leaders and policymakers can use big data to develop organizational capacity and improve outcomes for students, educators, and their communities.

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Investment In Education for Transformative Learning

Investing In Education for Transformative Learning

Investing in education is an opportunity to not only support the development of the continent but also to empower and lift a generation from poverty, inequality, and social disparities.

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