Our Work in Ghana

Building a network of entrepreneurs and an innovative community of change-makers in alignment with employment strategies set by the Ghanaian government. 

  • Our Goal: Enable three million young people to secure work by 2030.
  • Context: The current rates of under- and unemployment in Ghana are 42 percent and 12 percent respectively.
  • Our Approach: With a focus on young entrepreneurial women, provide future business leaders with access to business development skills, financing, and marketplaces. Also, identify growing sectors of the economy and strengthen education in these areas, placing priority on digital training and technology-focused employment. 
  • Priority sectors: Focus on areas that offer strong potential for creating work for young people, as well as informal settings to support women’s entrepreneurship. These sectors and settings include agriculture, tourism, and hospitality—each underpinned by digital technology. 

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Partner Programs

ActiveYoung Africa Works Youth Entrepreneurs and Employment Program (YEEP)

Partner: Ghana Enterprises Agency (GEA)
Industry: Access to Finance

COVID-19 Recovery and Resilience Program (CRRP) Nkosuo

Partner: Ghana Enterprises Agency (GEA)
Industry: Access to Finance

Financial Institution Resilience and Strengthening (FIRST+)

Partner: CapitalPlus Exchange (CapPlus)
Industry: Access to Finance

Ghana Education Service Workforce Initiative (GESWI) Implementation Support

Partner: PwC
Industry: Education & Skills

Grains for Growth

Partner: IDH
Industry: Agriculture

Initiative for Youth in Agricultural Transformation (I.Y.A.T)

Partner: Kosmos Innovation Center (KIC)
Industry: Agriculture, Innovation

NewScaling Jobs for Women through Technology

Partner: Soronko Academy
Industry: Digital Economy

Shea Business Empowerment

Partner: Global Shea Alliance
Industry: Agriculture

Young Africa Works MSME

Partner: Absa Bank Ghana
Industry: Access to Finance, Digital Economy

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