Mission and Vision

Nancy Mike is an Inuk multi-disciplinary artist who was raised in Pangniqtuuq, Nunavut (Tariurnittut). Nirlitt, which means snow geese in Inuktitut, conveys the importance of leadership to take care of our land (nuna), the animals surrounding us and our people. Inuit have always protected our land through our way of doing and knowing, this piece conveys the leadership presented by our people long ago and today. @pangniq


Co-created with and confirmed by Indigenous youth and communities, EleV’s Vision is for Indigenous young people to be living Mino Bimaadiziwin – “a good life”, in the Anishinaabe language. Mino Bimaadiziwin is a holistic and Indigenized view of success – a meaningful livelihood, a fulfilling life, a life consistent with one’s traditions and values.

Artwork: Berries by Jade Roberts

Berries, by Woodland Cree artist and illustrator Jade Roberts.

Realizing this ambitious vision requires a larger and more fundamental effort towards Systems Change – transforming education, training and employment systems based on the direction of Indigenous youth and communities so that these systems value and embed Indigenous languages, cultures and worldviews, and support success for Indigenous youth.

Now is the time to work with Indigenous youth, communities and organizations to transform broken systems through bold solutions founded in the vision and values of Indigenous youth, communities and Nations.

Learn more about our Vision and our approach in the EleV Roadmap to 2030.


Guided by the vision of Mino Bimaadiziwin, the Goal of EleV is that education and employment systems are transformed, in ways that are led by Indigenous youth and communities, so that Indigenous young people can access post-secondary education and transition to meaningful livelihoods.

Strategic Outcomes

Achieving this goal requires action to ensure:

  1. Indigenous youth access and succeed in transformed education and training systems reflecting Indigenous ways of knowing, being and learning.
  2. Indigenous youth have access and opportunities, and can successfully transition to meaningful livelihoods.


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