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Jordan Skipper is a Michif Graphic Designer in St. Boniface, Manitoba. “Zway”: Many Michif families were forced to move off of their traditional homelands in the Red River Colony, and migrated North-West, often away from the bison hunt on the prairies and along the rocky, swampy shores of Manitoba’s lakes. Families relied on new sources of food, and with Goose (“Zway” in Michif) becoming a new staple on the dinner table. My design represents the importance of the “Goose Hunt” for a group of people whose way of life got uprooted very quickly. “Mouse Tracks” (a key design feature in Metis beadwork) represents the connection of natural life. Audio waves showcase the renowned skills of Michif men in hunting, adapting to new skills, to feed their families. www.buffalohyde.com

Announcements & Media Releases

First Nations University of Canada to Lead Long-term Transformation of Post-secondary Education , June 14, 2024
First Nations University Campus of Canada
Two-Year Anniversary of the National Indigenous Economic Strategy Celebrated with Announcement of New Indigenous Economic Prosperity Institute , June 6, 2024
New investments advance goal of enriching Canada’s education system with 10,000 Indigenous teachers , February 28, 2024
Partnership paving the way for systemic change: Update on Mastercard Foundation partnership activities , December 11, 2023
EntrepreNorth and the Mastercard Foundation extend partnership to ignite a movement of Indigenous entrepreneurs across the North , September 18, 2023
ICI ad Mastercard Foundation to Connect 10,000 Indigenous Young People to Fast, Sustainable Internet
Mastercard Foundation Expands Partnership With Yukon University To Support Indigenous Youth , September 14, 2023
New Podcast Features Young Indigenous Leaders Sharing Insights on Strengthening Organizations in Canada , June 20, 2023
Mastercard Foundation and New Pathways Foundation Partner to Expand Indigenous Innovation in Quebec , March 30, 2023
La Fondation Mastercard et la Fondation Nouveaux Sentiers s’allient pour Développer l’innovation des Premières Nations au Québec , le 30 mars, 2023
Indigenous Connectivity Institute and the Mastercard Foundation Partner to Connect 10,000 Indigenous Young People to Fast, Sustainable Internet , March 20, 2023
Queen’s Weeneebayko Health Education Program Launched with Support from the Mastercard Foundation to Transform Indigenous Healthcare in the Region , February 28, 2023
Digital Acceleration for Indigenous Youth Partnership Announced with a Multi-Year Commitment from Mastercard Foundation , February 22, 2023
Mastercard Foundation EleV Program Sets Bold Goal with Partners to Support 100,000 Indigenous Youth Through Education and on to Meaningful Livelihoods , October 18, 2022
Oẏateki Partnership Brings Together Three Leading Institutions to Transform Education and Employment Systems for Indigenous Youth , May 3, 2022, Saskatoon, SK
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In the News

Investing in Indigenous Innovation will Unleash Sask. Economy , July 14, 2023, Saskatoon StarPhoenix
Sam Bird: Young People Know Podcast , July 7, 2023, CBC News
Mastercard Foundation with CEO Reeta Roy , May 24, 2023, The Discovery Pod
New Brunswick leads the way: New Brunswick, once considered a sleepy little province known for its natural resources and majestic beauty, is now rocking the world of digital transformation , April 26, 2023, Hill Times
Artwork: Berries by Jade Roberts
Budgeting for Systems Change: Insights for Funders , April 17, 2023, Philanthropic Foundations Canada
Mastercard Foundation gives $2.7M for Native American careers in Broadband , March 26, 2023, Tribal Business News
Mastercard Foundation commits $2.7 million for digital connectivity , March 25, 2023, Philanthropy News Digest
Queen’s University to Open Satellite Campus in the James Bay Region to Train Indigenous Youth in Health Care Careers , February 28, 2023, Globe and Mail
New partnership aims to train Indigenous youth in health care , February 28, 2023
Watch the EleV National Launch – Taking Flight Together , October 26, 2022, APTN
By, for, and with Indigenous Peoples , October 20, 2022, Montreal Gazette
Par, pour et avec les Premiers Peuples , October 19, 2022, La Presse
EleV Program works with partners to support education and meaningful livelihoods for 100,000 Indigenous youth , October 14, 2022, Ottawa Citizen
Investing in Indigenous Philanthropy Through Reciprocity , August 8, 2022, The Philanthropist
Blackfoot name bestowed on U of L’s EleV Navigator Team , May 10, 2022, Lethbridge Herald
Law Makers opens doors for Indigenous youth , April 8, 2022, Winnipeg Free Press & Toronto Star
New mentorship program seeks to ignite passion for social justice , April 2022, CTV News Winnipeg
New partnership to benefit First Nations students wanting to attend post-secondary , February 13, 2022, APTN
Taking university to First Nations, U of M program sets up satellite hubs, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter , February 9, 2022, Winnipeg Free Press
Foundation to spend $23 million to improve post-secondary education for Indigenous students , September 24, 2021, Eagle Feather News
Transforming philanthropy: Embedding Indigenous principles in learning and evaluation , August 16, 2021, The Philanthropist Journal
New partnership formed to create a better ‘education ecosystem’ for Saskatchewan Indigenous youth , August 13, 2021, Windspeaker.com & Toronto Star
3 post-secondary institutions sign agreement to help Indigenous students in Saskatchewan , August 3, 2021, Global News
New partnership to support Indigenous youth through education into employment , August 3, 2021, CKOM News
Maintaining cultural connections during a pandemic , June 23, 2021, University of Victoria
Creation of Inuit university a ‘priority’: ITK president , June 21, 2021, Nunatsiaq News
ITK teams up with private foundation to help plan for Inuit Nunangat University , June 17, 2021, Nunatsiaq News
Canadian Inuit org to partner with Mastercard Foundation on university project in northern Canada , June 16, 2021, Eye on the Arctic
Creating a Network of Supports for Success , February 12, 2021, Vancouver Island University
Decolonizing Post-Secondary Institutions Takes a Community , October 30, 2020, Policy Options
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EleV National Launch – Watch Now

On October 26, 2022, the Mastercard Foundation held the EleV National Launch, taking flight together with Indigenous youth and profiling their work, voices, visions, and successes. The launch event was a lively and uplifting gathering of Elders, young people, Foundation partners, and staff.  The voices of young people were heard in personal testimonies and through music, song, and dance. We invite you to join us by tuning in to the program’s premiere to learn more about the work of EleV and our partners, hear from Indigenous youth, and experience performances by some top Indigenous artists – including Snotty Nose Rez Kids, Neon Dreams and more.

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